Shamanic Healing

"I have known Pace since September of 2017. Since then

he has become someone who

has offered me a significant

amount of spiritual guidance.

He has walked with me through guided meditations, including

guiding me into the lower world to merge with my power animal which I found was Rabbit.

He has counselled me through some tough times including

a break up and a falling out with some of my family.

Pace has sat with me while

I let out emotions

including anger and sadness.

In all of this, Pace has helped bring me to a deeper understanding of myself."



This is the perfect time to get clarity on any issues you may be experiencing in your life. Guided by the spirit of the drum, you are lead into an altered state of consciousness for direct experience with your spirit guides that are here to assist in your life. With your set intention, you receive guidance and empowerment for the clarity you are seeking. After your journey, we enter into a space of sharing to help bring clarity to your experience and answer any questions that may have risen up during your journey. 

Please note: this service does not include

plant medicine.


A little different than reiki but with the same intention, you are guided into a relaxed state of surrender before we purify your energy field through a focus of the individual chakras. First, you will be smudged with sage, lemongrass, and/or palo santo, then invited to lay down in preparation for your session. Through the drum and rattle, we begin to cleanse your energy. Then, with meditation music in the background, I will focus on your energy centres for deeper purification. Emotions may surface during this healing session.

You are encouraged to release them as you are comfortable. We gather after for connection and sharing to help with the integration. 


When we suffer trauma, our souls can become fragmented, stuck in the space and time when the event occurred. Depression, PTSD, chronic pain, suicidal tendencies, anxiety and/or fear of crowds, addictions, chronic illness, unending grief, and/or having difficulty staying present in your body may be indications that you need to have an aspect of your soul retrieved so you can feel more whole and empowered. 

For the retrieval of these fragmented soul parts, I enter into an altered state of consciousness, accompanied by the drum, and find the aspect of your soul that is trapped in the trauma. Upon approval, I bring the lost soul back to you for your healing and integration.

click here for more info on soul retrievals


For this session, all you need to do is relax and allow Spirit to bring to you the spirit guide and/or power animal that is ready to build a relationship with you for your soul expansion and spiritual empowerment. Together, we enter into a relaxed state and then, guided by the drum, I journey on your behalf to retrieve the spirit of the guides that are here to assist in your day to day earthly experience. After the session, we will connect for a time of sharing to help you integrate your spirit guides. 

1hour = $80

(online or in person)


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Calgary, AB, Canada