Shamanic Healing

Each session brings you deeper into your

Soul's essence, empowering you to live in alignment

of mind, heart, body, and soul in your day to day life.

 Shamanic Journey 

 Energy Healing 

 Soul Retrieval 

Spirit Guide & Power Animal Retrieval 

Individual Guidance

Focusing on getting into alignment of mind, heart, body and soul, these sessions offer support for your healing and transformation. Whether you are looking for clarity about any aspect of your life - from work, relationships, overall health, and your spiritual growth - or simply need someone to hold space as your process emotions and areas of feeling stuck, these session are set in place to offer your the support you need for your overall wellbeing.

Relationship Guidance

Healthy relationship are the foundation of the human experience. Whether you are seeking guidance between life partners, family members, co-workers, team members, and/or any other relationship, I offer the ability to widen the scoop of understanding between all people involved to bring clarity and insight on the feelings and perspectives of others. Through compassion, we enter into our hearts so all people feel seen and heard with the intention of fostering a safe space for expression and understanding.

Intensive Transformation

Want to really push through to the next level

of your life experience? Are you ready for

radical transformation? Then this is for you!

Building a package that is unique for you,

we focus on conquering the mind, healing the body, awakening the heart, and embodying the soul through

intensive healing and integration sessions.

These sessions are set up to bring alignment to your mind, body, heart, and soul where you embody your sovereignty and spiritual power, living a joyful life

and abundant life in full knowing of how

amazing you truly are!

Emotional Mastery

Whether you are an empath, healer, or someone that desires to master emotions, this training will equip you to live in a state of pure awareness while simultaneously feeling the emotions that are part of the human experience without wanting to suppress them. In this state, we become a

natural channel for healing, undergoing an alchemical process of transmuting negative energies into positive ones through a space of love and acceptance. 


conquer the MIND  |  heal the BODY  |  awaken the HEART  |  embody the SOUL


Calgary, AB, Canada