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Relationships. We all desire them. Yet, healthy relationships are hard to come by. We are all trying our best and, at times, it is hard to see or understand beyond where the other person is coming from because we are too emotionally invested in the relationship.

Relationships include life partners, family members, friends, team members, co-workers,

and any other relationship between people. 

Relationship guidance offers a safe space for the

people within the relationship to unpack their

thoughts and feelings that upholds

the sacred truth of all people involved. 

Sometimes all it takes is someone to offer an outsiders perspective that has the ability to see the bigger picture and the blocks that are limiting the flow of genuine connection and communication between people. 

Through the gift of empathy, I am able to feel into

each person's thoughts and emotions and help

bring clear communication of where the

break down of connection is happening as a

result of emotional stress.  The result brings clarity

and understanding to the relationship

which, in turn, fosters deeper intimacy and

connection between people. 

2 hrs = $150

(online or in person)

Relationship Guidance

"Pace helped with what seemed like an insurmountable issue. I was estranged from my adult daughter and hadn't seen her or my grandson in several months. It was an ugly situation and I had tried to resolve it on my own to great expense and stress. I hired private investigators, went thru the courts, the police all to no avail. It seemed like each measure I took wedged a deeper divide between us. I was losing sleep, crying, hearing their voices at night. I was absolutely hopeless. Then I decided to consult Pace. His guidance and solutions were incredibly insightful, compassionate and ultimately healing. Within a few days of shifting my mindset with Pace's powerful suggestions and visualizations, an absolute miracle occurred and I was with my daughter and grandson. I am eternally grateful for the guidance you gave. My entire family has undergone healing because of you and your powerful gifts!"



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