"Pace has been a loving

guiding companion

for healing and spiritual growth that I desperately needed. 

In turn, I have grown in all areas

of my life and I have positively benefited from his wisdom.

With Pace's guidance and emotional intelligence I feel

more at ease with the spectrum

of emotions I feel. 

I am centred and I am able to accept parts of me that

I have denied for so long."


Life is hard. And many of us do not have the support we desire to help us become the best version of ourselves. We struggle with a lot of inner turmoil, wishing that we could find someone that we could share our hearts with, without the fear of rejection. 

I get it. I've been there. Having to work through the well of emotions that I was suppressing was killing me. My whole life was affected by the unprocessed trauma from a life of neglect and abuse. I sought someone, anyone, that would hold space for me and accept the mess that was me. Most, turned away from me. Thankfully, I had a couple of people that came into my life to hold space when I needed it the most. The least I can do is pay forward the gift they gave me.

Beyond emotions, we have an overwhelming amount of thoughts that come into our awareness which can cause frustration and confusion over which thoughts are actually helpful thoughts not harmful thoughts.

Combining our emotions and our thoughts, our physical reality to created. We all want to live a life that is peaceful, joyful, and abundant. What gets in the way of that is the unconscious aspects of ourselves that are seeking to be made conscious, and, therefore, healed. 

There is great healing, when we bare our hearts to each other. Individual sessions give you a safe space to unpack your thoughts, feelings, emotions that you are keeping to yourself out of the fear of rejection. It is also a space to seek guidance in any area of  your life that is causing friction and resistance, therefore continued suffering.


Just one small shift in perspective can free you! Don't waste another moment stuck.


This is my promise to you - that I will uphold the sacredness of your journey and accept all of what makes you, you. Unconditionally. You have my word. 

1.5 hour session
suggested donation $40 - $60

(online or in person)


conquer the MIND  |  heal the BODY  |  awaken the HEART  |  embody the SOUL


Calgary, AB, Canada