Emotional Mastery

To master emotions, we need to get comfortable with the

uncomfortable. This training is going to equip you maintain a state of

peace while fully engaging in the human experience without being

affected by external energies. 

The only way to get really comfortable with energies that we would

normally avoid is to get to know them. And we

get to know them by allowing ourselves to feel them and recognize 

them for what they are. Then we can come

into a space of acceptance of them, feeling the energies that

are looking for healing and transmuting them

through the alchemy of our hearts.


This training is going to guide you right into your heart

where you have buried emotions, in a safe space to learn

how to feel them. You will have support you while you undergo

the inner alchemical process that takes place when transmuting energies. You will be upheld you as you discover your strength, your power,

and your Light... directly within your heart!

EMPATHS - this training is going to help you get more comfortable with your role as an inner alchemist. You have been given a beautiful gift

in helping heal humanity and we need you

now more than ever! Let me help you get comfortable with the bombardment of energies that you feel so you can actively

engage in human relationships without being overwhelmed by

all the energies that you feel... all the time!


HEALERS - this training is going to help you become more confident

with the flow of energies that you already feel rushing through your vessel during your healing sessions. When performing any energy healing,

the healer can (and often does) absorb the energies of their clients,

which results in the need to extra self-care. This training will help you maintain a consistent flow of light energy so that you are instantaneously transmuting energies, remaining in a more balanced state of being.


One on One training takes place within my home or a walk in nature.

2 hours = $155

(in person only)


conquer the MIND  |  heal the BODY  |  awaken the HEART  |  embody the SOUL



Calgary, AB, Canada