Emotional Mastery

Emotional mastery is all about learning to

get comfortable with uncomfortable emotions

so they don't control you. Emotional mastery brings you into a state of being that is in the

pure flow of love. 

Most people haven't been taught that it is ok to feel... to cry... to get angry... to allow any emotions flow through us. We've been taught that boys don't cry, that we need to suck it up, forget about it and distract ourselves from what we are feeling. We were taught to put on a smile, pretending that everything is ok, when inside of us were are not ok at all. It's our conditioning.

And it's destroying us. 

Whether you are an empath, a healer, or someone that simply wants emotional freedom, this training is going to teach you how to process emotions, how to get comfortable with uncomfortable emotions, and how to live

in a state of pure acceptance. Through that,

become a powerful healer just by your presence. 


conquer the MIND  |  heal the BODY  |  awaken the HEART  |  embody the SOUL



Calgary, AB, Canada