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We are a global community united together under God for the

healing of humanity and the embodiment of our Soul.

We honour the whole of humanity, not shying away from the

hard stuff but rather facing it head on, fearlessly.

We value all diverse expressions of humanity,

seeing all as a beautiful aspect of God.

We are a safe space, where everyone is respected

and where their voices can be heard.

We are committed to supporting each other through our ascension,

holding all in Light as we undergo our inner alchemical healing process.

We offer community, support, guidance, and spiritual teachings to assist

in our unique path into our Highest Self while navigating this crazy, messed up,

painful, yet beautiful human experience.

Welcome to ‘it is US’.

Welcome. Home.


conquer the MIND  |  heal the BODY  |  awaken the HEART  |  embody the SOUL



Calgary, AB, Canada