I was born into suffering. And with that,

I had a lot of inner pain and turmoil. I sought therapy, took medication for depression, battled with addictions and bodily weight, struggled with self-hatred and feelings of unworthiness, and struggled to get myself out of bed each morning. I wanted my suffering to end which propelled me into an inward journey into my heart and an

awakening of the mind that radically changed my life.

Spending 5 years in solitude to face myself, I began to wrestle with my inner "demons" and the well of emotions that I had never processed throughout a lifetime of pain, abuse, and trauma. 

As I began to feel the emotions within, honouring all aspects of myself, I became a completely different human... one that lives with an open heart and mind, confident in myself, and spiritually empowered to be of service to anyone whom seeks transformation. 

I offer to hold space for others to take the brave journey into their hearts, to refine their consciousness, to heal their bodies, and to embody their soul. 

It is a joy and an honour to support you in your transformation into the highest version of yourself.

conquer the MIND | heal the BODY

awaken the HEART | embody the SOUL


conquer the MIND  |  heal the BODY  |  awaken the HEART  |  embody the SOUL



Calgary, AB, Canada